Unless the performance and preparation you receive was misleading to what was advertised, in accordance with trading standards no part or full refunds will be made. This includes lack of attendance by guests, weather conditions and/or unreasonable expectations from the Client. Shelter must be provided for outdoor events.

When making your booking the Service Provider will discuss the sort of music you would like played at your event. Once this has been agreed this must be stuck to unless a week’s notice has been given.

Strictly no playlists.

If music requests are made by guests at the event the Service Provider will accommodate these as well as any sort of music agreed between the two parties.

If children under the age of 12 are present then the Client and their guests are responsible for their welfare and, as such. must keep a very close eye on them and prevent them running around close to, or around the performance area and equipment, or touching any of the equipment. the Service Provider cannot be held responsible should anything happen to them during your event.

Should the Service Provider’s equipment become damaged during the event the Client will become liable for the cost of repair or replacement.


A testimonial will be requested after the proposed date, however you will not be obliged to give one. The Service Provider reserves to right to record, capture or reproduce any events that happen during performance unless requested beforehand.

The Service Provider and any assistants, will conduct themselves in a professional manner throughout.

A contract, which will be sent to the Client ((which will include these  terms and conditions, must be signed and returned (and a copy retained by the Client), either via e-mail or to the address on the site's homepage, up to a week before the event.