DJ Copycat’s Virtual Party Mix

Keep the music playing with DJ Copycat

Cornwall’s DJ Copycat is offering a brand new service to party planners across the country, and even the world. With the restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, you might have thought your private party would have to forgo the DJ experience, relying on a temperamental internet connection and a streaming service plagued with ads.

Thanks to DJ Copycat, you can get a personalised DJ set sent straight to your inbox in time for the big day. With the DJ Copycat Virtual Party Mix, you can get the party started with your family and friends without having to break any social distancing guidelines. 

And that’s not all. Have you ever had a DJ cancel last minute and you haven’t got a backup plan? With the DJ Copycat Virtual Party Mix, you can still get a personalised DJ set without having to panic to find another DJ at short notice.

“I’m basically offering exactly what I do live but as a recorded package, so people can use it at private parties without me having to be there,” he explained. “People can choose the songs they want, everything gets mixed together, and the music keeps flowing.”

This means you’ll get a continuous mix of your favourite songs, with no ads or gaps in between. DJ Copycat can even do pre-recorded shoutouts if requested, such as for birthdays or anniversaries.

You can choose how long you want the set to be, and if you can’t think of enough songs to fill the time, DJ Copycat can help with this as well. “If a customer gives me a list of songs to show the kind of thing they want, I can then fill it out with similar songs and give suggestions so they have enough music for the entire party.”

The DJ Copycat Virtual Party Mix is delivered via a Dropbox link sent to your email, and once downloaded, it can be used again and again for future parties and events, a fantastic way to bring life to your parties time and time again but with a one-time cost. “I charge £25/hour of the mix, and then it’s your own personalised DJ set to keep forever.”

Of course, DJ Copycat will still be providing his standard DJ services in the future, bringing all his own equipment to the event. “I can customise the music to meet the customer’s request, and there’s no set time – I can play for the whole duration of the event if needed.”

In addition to his event services, DJ Copycat also offers a karaoke service upon request, with all your classic favourites, so you can sing your heart out, have a giggle and relive those childhood Beyoncé dreams.

Excelling in both his commitment to music, as well as his commitment to its customers, DJ Copycat creates the perfect event and night to remember, while all you have to do is relax, enjoy and dance the night away knowing the music is in good hands. 

Interested in your own personalised Virtual Party Mix? Let DJ Copycat help bring the party to you – get in touch using the details below. You can also head to DJ Copycat’s Mixcloudstation Copycat Radio.

This service will launch on Monday 27th July, so get your thinking caps on and start planning your set!